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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sheep Book Review: The Kraken King Part IV by Meljean Brook

The Kraken King Part IV: The Kraken King and the Inevitable Abduction 
A Novel of the Iron Seas
By: Meljean Brook
Steampunk Romance 
80 Pages

The Kraken King has declared that Zenobia Fox is under his protection—and with her identity revealed, she needs that protection more than ever. But it comes with a price when Ariq demands that Zenobia reveal her secrets in return.

Ariq wants nothing more than for Zenobia to trust him, and he knows exactly which sensual tricks will breach her defenses. But although she urgently desires the powerful governor, Zenobia isn’t a woman who will be easily won with a few passionate kisses.
When his ambush goes awry, Ariq discovers just how deeply he can hurt her—but the real danger to Zenobia is one that he never expected…

The Kraken King Part IV is the latest edition in this amazingly fun steampunk series. While steampunk is not my "go to" genera, it's sure been a great ballon fish ride thus far! I'm loving it and all the amazing mechanical doodads that circle around these vivid characters. 

Who would have thought that steampunk could be so fun? Not me. Our leading pair have been captured by the bad guys, and escape is looking pretty grim. But never give up on the power to survive! It's sure helpful to have The Kraken King on your side! Though he's yet to show his tentacles *wink wink* the drama is building and political plots are out to get everyone. 

Drama, action and romance are filling these pages. All I could ask for is more! 80 pages just flies by before you know it. I wish this was a lager series with more to read in one sitting. But that's beyond my pay grade so I'll just sit and suck my thumb while rocking back and forth in this padded room. Sharon will let me out at some point….maybe. 

But back to the story! The drama builds as we dive back into this ever changing world of wonder. Strap on your goggles and get ready for some action and adventure! 

Getting 4 and 1/2 Sheep

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