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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Review: Angel Kin by Tricia Skinner

Angel Kin (Angel Assassins #1)
by Tricia Skinner
Kindle Edition, 183 pages
Expected publication: April 28th 2014 by Entangled: Edge

While channeling Robin Hood's "steal from the rich and give to the poor" attitude at a local politician's house, ex-con Katie Logan witnesses a forced suicide. Dirty or not, supernatural or not, he didn't deserve to die, especially not by his own hand. But with her record, stepping forward as a witness isn't an option. On the run from the police and the murderer, she turns to The Bound Ones for help.

When a beautiful woman comes to The Bound Ones, half-angel assassin Cain is immediately drawn to her. But when she fingers him as the killer, he can come to only one conclusion. The twin he thought was dead is very much alive…and trying to send him a message. Unfortunately, that message is: "You're next."

It's a race against time as Cain fights to save the woman he's falling in love with before his brother Abel destroys them both.

Angel Kin is the first installment of the new Angels Assassins Series by Tricia Skinner. The story revolves around beautiful burglar, Katie Logan, who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnesses a murder. In need of help and afraid to turn to the police, she finds herself asking for assistance from The Bound Ones. There she meets Cain, a half-angel assassin, who looks remarkably like the murderer. Leading all involved to the same conclusion, the murderer could be none other than Cain’s twin brother, who everyone thought was dead.

Angel Kin left me slightly conflicted. It was a good paced novel with a nice touch of romance. I’m sure many people will read it and truly enjoy what it has to offer. Make no mistake about it, I enjoyed it too. It had my prerequisite hunk of a hero, and the beautiful damsel in distress. It should have been a slam-dunk, but somehow it wasn’t. It just missed the mark for me. Although the story moved right along with lots of action, it lacked some depth. I tend to like stories with lots of things going on. In addition, even though the gorgeous hero was everything you could want, some of his actions just seemed out of character. Those things have a tendency to stick with me and detract from the story.

So, how to rate it? Maybe now you can understand my dilemma. Would I read another book by Tricia Skinner? Yes. Would I try the second in the series? Probably. But, I can't say she hit it out of the pasture.

3 Sheep, all standing on a fence

Lisa A

About the Author:
I’m Tri­cia Skin­ner and I write Urban Fan­tasy with Roman­tic Ele­ments. I’m a for­mer jour­nal­ist who dis­cov­ered my inspi­ra­tion to write fic­tion as an escape from “real life.” My read­ing tastes are all over the place, but I’m mainly drawn to fan­tasy (and its sub­gen­res), para­nor­mal, sci-fi, and history.

When I’m not writ­ing, I’m a new­bie “green” prac­ti­tioner, fit­ness pro­cras­ti­na­tor, and a tech­nol­ogy geek. I’m a mother and a wife. My fam­ily includes two Great Danes. I’m also a gamer. I enjoy inter­act­ing with my fel­low geeks and help­ing other writ­ers, espe­cially through the Fan­tasy, Futur­is­tic& Para­nor­mal Chap­ter of Romance Writ­ers of Amer­ica where I’ve served as Newslet­ter Edi­tor. I’m rep­re­sented by Lau­rie McLean of Fore­word Lit­er­ary.

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  1. Thanks for the review Lisa, and I understand the feeling of liking and not-liking a book. Very confusing.