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Monday, May 19, 2014

Comic Review: Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight #7/#8 (Flesh Feast of the Devil Doll)

Artist: Gary Erskine
Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror
Dark Horse
Publication Date:April 02, 2014
Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
Price: $3.99
UPC:7 61568 22741 3 00711

Lace up for the “Flesh Feast”! Built on the site of a Puritan-era curse, Camp Oneida is better known today for vicious hockeymatches and even more intense pie fights! But when the Devil Doll returns to seduce and kill once more, the Oneida hockey girls make with the high-sticking!
* Gary Erskine (Judge Dredd, The Mask) joins the mayhem!
* Alex de Campi (Smoke, Valentine) brings her blood-and-guts A-game!

Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Gary Erskine
Colorist: Gary Erskine
Cover Artist: Dan Panosian
Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror
Dark Horse
Publication Date:May 07, 2014
Format:FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
UPC:7 61568 22741 3 00811The knock-around teen gals of Oneida hockey camp discover that they may have taken on more than they bargained for, as they face off with an ancient, evil beast with a hunger for the sweet meat of virgins! And that calls for a shopping spree—for all the guns!
* Gary Erskine (Judge Dredd) brings on the bloodthirsty fun!
* Alex de Campi (Ashes) turns the blood and guts up to eleven!

Review #7/#8
What would happen if in the movie Meatballs, Bill Murray had to fend off a soul-sucking demon bent on devouring the blood of virgins? Well, unless Wes Anderson makes that movie anytime soon, I guess we'll never know. So we're all going to have to settle for the next best thing: Flesh Feast of the Devil Doll.

Renae is heading to private school when the summer's through, but because the school has a field hockey team, she's been shipped to Oneida Feild Hockey Camp to learn the ropes with the rest of the outcast gals. Might not be so bad, but darned if that camp isn't built on top of a satanic ritual site that was massacred by Native Americans. And exploritory fracking has unearthed the demon those silly Satanists were trying to raise in the first place.

The good news is that the demon has a pretty face. The bad news is that the demon has a second not-so-pretty face that it uses to chomp on its victims as soon as it seduces them. Or it's just really hungry.

So on a slow night with the girls stepping out, they wind up in a no-holds-barred showdown with the demon, and it's just terrific.

If you loved all those schlocky B-movies about summer camp from the 80s, and also have a penchant for those gruesome Satanic cult conspiracies from the same era, you're probably gonna love this two-parter as much as I did.

If there's a character that steals the show, it's not Renae. It's not even the demon. It's Tina, the cool-as-shit leader of the pack with her collar tee and aviator shades. She's the ambassador and head buttkicker for the gang of gals, and pretty much the queen bee. And no boys allowed, either. The topless pie fight should be a big giveaway there.

It's campy, yes. Pun intended. But it has some serious chills too, because that demon is scary as hell. Sure, the idea that these field hockey players are all too eager and apparently all too ready throw down with hellspawn strains credulity, but just remember the genre this thing is paying homage to while you're reading.

Throw in some very crisp--and at times icky--artwork from Gary Erskine, and Alex de Campi has a real winner with this one.

4 1/2 Sheep

Gef Fox

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