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Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Review: Lindy & The Wulfen (The Wolf’s Mate, Book 7) by RE Butler Book Tour

Lindy & The Wulfen
The Wolf’s Mate, Book 7
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: May 6, 2014
Print Length: 150 pages

After a devastating blow to her already fragile self esteem, werewolf Lindy Vincent has decided to stop being the pack whore and change her life for the better. With the help of her two best friends, her alpha female, and a feisty she-wolf named Eula, Lindy starts down the road of self-improvement, happy for the first time in years.

Crimson Ta'rek is a Wulfen, a cross between a wolf and a fairy, and the only one of his kind. After casting a spell for his truemate, he finds himself in the Mortal Realm rescuing the she-wolf meant to be his. When someone from his past threatens Lindy, Crimson will show the realm why no one messes with a Wulfen’s mate.

This book contains one Wulfen with eyes only for his mate, a she-wolf trying to start her life over, and the spell that brings them together. Expect plenty of shifting, growling, and neck biting, fairy magic, and gratuitous use of the word “mine.”

There’s just no way to say this nicely: Lindy is the Tressel Pack bike! Every unmated male has had a go at her and why? Because, like her mother, Lindy believes that by sleeping with as many unmated males, she’ll eventually find her mate. The problem is, not only does she have the reputation of being easy and a last resort for males looking to blow off steam, she’s not respected or thought highly of in her pack.

At first it was a little hard for me to find any sympathy for Lindy because she’s a full grown woman with the mentality of a hormonal teenager. She was completely clueless about the way her pack thought of her. It isn’t until she hears it straight from a young male that she seems to “wake up” and see how her low her behavior has brought her. Then she goes about trying to give her reputation and her life some much needed CPR. It isn’t easy for her of course but just the fact that she was willing to face the demons she created in order to build something better for herself had me changing my tune about her.

Crimson was a surprise though, at first I was cautiously optimistic about him, after all, I’ve never come across a wulfen before. The half fae, half wolf hybrid had me a little worried that he would just shift into a wolf with wings or something silly. Don’t judge me, I have an active imagination! Instead he was a high ranking fae soldier who could shift into a giant white wolf with red eyes (I pictured Jon Snow’s Ghost from Game of Thrones). As badass as he is though, Crimson has a soft side that could make any female melt. After his mother’s meddling in his personal life goes too far, Crimson decides to spell for his truemate.

It was an odd pairing to be honest, the upstanding, honorable Crimson with the not so upstanding Lindy but it really worked. I didn’t think these two could find anything in common, they’re literally from two different worlds yet, they easily brought out the best in each other. Crimson gave Lindy a new way to see herself and Lindy gave Crimson a new way of life.

There was a little bit of action, a lot of romance and a revisit with previous couples which I enjoyed even though I’m not familiar with many of them. Lindy’s world is just as complicated as Crimson’s yet I saw that there was a genuine affection in her pack, everyone had an important role to play in the pack and took it seriously. I liked their dynamic and their eagerness to help one another.

While a little silly and predictable at times, Lindy and the Wulfen was a fun, light read. Having only read R.E. Butler once before, I still wasn’t sure what to expect from this particular book. I actually liked the idea of a wulfen and would love it if Butler were to find another of these rare hybrids and give them a story of their own too.

3 ½ Sheep


About the Author:
I always wanted to be a homebody and live in one place for my entire life, but fate had other plans. In the past twelve years of my married life, we’ve moved seven times, including from one coast to the other. Southern New Jersey is home now and I love it. I have two young children, a husband who begrudgingly pays for my ebook addiction, and two dogs that think they’re people. After college, I spent eight years as an executive assistant before “retiring” at twenty-seven to become a stay-at-home mom. I have a soft spot for self-published authors, Ghirardelli chocolate, muscle cars, and men with tattoos. Most people who know me don’t know I have a tattoo of a tiger on my hip or that I have an unhealthy obsession with The Simpsons.

I love sunsets, several cups of coffee in the morning, and I absolutely cannot live without books. When I’m not busy with my family, you’ll find me sitting at my desk working on any number of projects, including reading, reviewing, and writing.

I adore talking to fans and other authors, so please write to me! You can email me at rebutlerauthor@gmail, visit my website, find me on Twitter, or join me on Facebook.


  1. Have not had the pleasure of reading this series yet but am looking forward to it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. This books sounds awesome, I haven't read any of the other books yet.

  3. You know, I've been toying with this series for awhile, wondering if I actually have the time and energy to invest in another series, bit I really, really like the idea of a wulfen. Also, the whole destined mate, and "MINE" things always gets me. In books, in life I would probably plant a facer on somebody.

    1. me too! I am a fae lover and a shifter lover so this is perfect for me :)

  4. What an interesting book! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can hardly wait to get to this book in my lineup!!!!I love the cover!

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  6. Can't wait to read it! I still giggle over the name of your blog everytime I stop here...just can't help myself LOL!

    1. lol, that is our intention. We want to you leave with a smile on your face!

  7. Thanks for the great review - love the blog :)

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