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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Interview: Missy Jane - Trusting and Angel Book Tour

Today we have multi-genre author Missy Jane!! Her latest release is Trusting an Angel so we talk a bit about that, but then we go off the reservation, as usual, and talk candy, sexy chests, stinky armpits and photography...good times people...good times...

Donna: Could you give us a brief description of your book?
Missy: Trusting an Angel is about an archangel in human guise who destroys demons who find their way into the human realm. Zerach is one of six brothers, and all of them do what they must to fit into the human lifestyle. He realizes he’s attracted to his secretary and tries to fight it because she is innocence personified, but she’s just too tempting. Once he realizes she is being courted by a man with links to demons, he steps in to save her and the human race.

Donna: In your book, Trusting an Angel, what inspired you to make Isabella scarred?
Missy: I’ve had a scarred heroine in my head for a very long time and even have a couple of short stories that have featured her in some form. I think it’s the idea of a woman having to overcome not only her inner scars, but ones so prominent on her as well that intrigues me. I think this would definitely add strength to the woman.

Sharon: Let’s say someone (not me of course!) wanted to meet an angel could you hook a girl up? Names and numbers maybe?
Missy: Lol. I don’t know. These guys are pretty… ahem, I mean pretty shy about anyone knowing they’re not human. We would have to play along with that for a while.

Sharon: I would be so down for playing with them…I mean along <G>
Missy: Sigh. Me too…

Donna: You like to hop around and write in several different genres. Do you have a favorite? If you absolutely had to choose only one, which would it be?
Missy: Definitely Urban Fantasy. I love to read it and write it very much. I’m an avid horror fan and have tried my hand at that one too but haven’t completed a novel yet. I think Urban Fantasy is kind of the best of more than one world in that I can add some horror elements too.

Sharon: My favorite genre is Dark UF, which we all know means ‘horror’ but people shy away from books with that label.
Donna: I'm not sure I agree. I view Dark Fantasy as having a certain tinge of horror but I wouldn't classify as the same genre as books like Carrie, which I think are true horror. What do you think Missy?
Missy: I think there’s such a fine line that it sometimes depends on the book itself. Take Clive Barker for example. He’s definitely considered a horror author, but then he writes a book like Imajica that’s very urban fantasy in my mind (with a heavy emphasis on ‘fantasy’). But if you read Cabal where the horror elements are stronger than the fantasy elements and it could go either way. I think it’s definitely possible to have Dark UF that doesn’t have the same type of horror elements as a Stephen King novel, and is just as nerve-tingling.

Donna: What is your favorite movie candy?
Missy: Ooh, the mint ones. Um, I have to Google to remember the name. Hold on… Junior Mints! LOVE those.
Sharon: With four kids you must have quite a collection of children’s books. Is there a favorite you like to read (or use to read) as a bedtime story? 
Missy: Not particularly. My girls are all old enough to read on their own now. At the moment I am beginning the Harry Potter series with my youngest. I’ve already read it but she hasn’t and is intimidated by the sizes of the books. So I’m reading them to her.

Sharon: But when they were young, was there one you had to read over and over and over…? At my house, it was Goodnight Moon and Go Dog Go.
Donna: Sharon, how many times did the damn dog have to go? Lol. 
Missy: Lol. I honestly don’t remember. I’d say it was probably a Winnie the Pooh or Toy Story book. Those were definitely the favorites in the house for quite a while

Donna: In Trusting an Angel, Zerach's wings come into jeopardy. Do you feel that great love also means great sacrifice at times?
Missy: Absolutely. I think the best love stories all include a level of sacrifice. I think the best are when both partners have to sacrifice something and maybe Isadora doesn’t sacrifice on the level Zerach does at first glance. But trusting him completely was a sacrifice for her in a way.

Sharon: If we turned on your car radio what would we hear?
Missy: Depending on my mood, either classical or very hard rock. If I’m going into traffic, definitely classical. Every now and again jazz, and I also enjoy alternative and classic rock.

Donna: If you had to pick one aspect of your writing, character development, plot or world building, which of the three do you think is your strongest?
Missy: Hmmm, my Beta reader might disagree, lol, but I think world building. I have a very vivid imagination and do what I can to get that across to my readers.

Sharon: What toppings would you use on an angel sundae? 
Missy: LOTS of whipped cream, some caramel and chocolate syrup and a cherry on top. Nut topping depends on which angel we’re talking about.
Sharon: *pulls out spoon and eyes some nuts*

Donna: If you weren't a writer, what would you be doing?
Missy: Well, I wear A LOT of hats. I do have a full time job in ad sales for a local magazine. But if I could choose any profession, I’d love to be a professional photographer.
Sharon: Do you do photography as a hobby? If so, what do you like to shoot?
Missy: I mostly like to shoot my girls. They’ve been my favorite subjects since the first one was born nearly twenty years ago.
Donna: Do you have a photo you could show us? I'd love to see some of your work.
Missy: Yes!

Rapid Fire:
Donna: Air conditioning or windows down?
Missy: Windows down unless it’s summer.

Sharon: Coke or Pepsi?
Missy: Coke, really tea… but whatever.

Sharon: sigh: walks away with head down mumbling “Why, why, why?”
Donna: Finally someone with good taste!
Missy: lmao!

Donna: Barefoot or shoes?
Missy: Barefoot

Sharon: sexy back or sexy chest?
Missy: Sexy chest

Donna: You can't beat good pecs and a six pack!
Missy: Amen!

I say why pick one when you can have both ;)

Donna: Thunderstorms or snow?
Missy: Thunderstorms, I’ve almost no experience with snow.

Sharon: That is kind of sad…we’ll crank up the snow machine down in the dungeon for you.
Missy: hehe, thanks.

Sharon: stinky armpits or stinky feet?
Missy: On me?! Umm can I skip this one? On him, armpits.

Donna: Black and white or shades of grey?
Missy: Black and white. Especially in photography.

Sharon: surf or turf?
Missy: Turf…I’m Texan.

Donna: Fairies or Leprechauns?
Missy: Fairies

Sharon: going to the grocery story with the kids or going to Walmart with the kids?
Missy: Aack! Grocery store.

Sharon: I know! Scary thought either way <G>
Missy: Sometimes going ANYWHERE with all four of my daughters is a scary thought. ;-)

by Missy Jane
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Entangled Covet
Format: Ebook
As the owner of a string of successful nightclubs all over the world, Zerach can have any woman--except for his assistant Isadora O’Donnell. First off, Isadora isn't a one-night-stand kind of girl, and second, her dominating godparents don't approve of him. There's also the fact that he is an archangel with a mission to protect humans from demons, something Isadora can never find out about.

Isadora secretly longs for Zerach’s attention but her scarred body and his playboy ways keep her from acting on her feelings. With her only family on the brink of bankruptcy, she’s determined to help them, even if it means trying to forget Zerach and marrying the womanizing Jake, a man she’ll never love.

Zerach tries to keep Isadora at arm's length, but when a demon starts stalking her, Zerach will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves. But protecting her could cost him his wings.

About the Author:
Ms. Missy Jane is the alter ego of a Texas mother of four who has been married to the same wonderful man for over sixteen years. A few years ago Missy finished reading a book by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, titled The Outstretched Shadow, and thought -Now, what if? -and a monster was created. Missy now spends most of her time lost in worlds of her own making alternately loving and hating such creatures as vampires, shape-shifters and gargoyles (to name a few). When not writing, she spends her time reading, taking photos of her four beautiful daughters and training her husband to believe she's always right.


  1. What a wonderful interview, thank you for sharing with us today. I love urban fantasy and definitely want a little darkness with the twists and turns. Trusting and Angel looks like it is going to be fun. Do you think there will be more from this groups of characters - note there are plenty of brothers to go around - hee hee

  2. Thanks for the fun interview ladies! Adding this series to my wishlist. I like the concept of a scarred heroine, doing a normal secretary job instead of something fabulous.